The WNC Jazz Society THANKS the following SPONSORS for their support of our JAZZ programs and events!
















We would like to thank all of you who have supported the WNC Jazz Society since our inception in 2003.  You have enabled us to present excellent world-class jazz at Asheville’s premier venue, the Diana Wortham Theatre. 2010 is a pivotal year for our grassroots organization. Our schedule will be excellent, and we humbly request your support in order to continue the the Asheville area being one of the few to enjoy a season series of world-class jazz.


We strive to present performances of the highest caliber at prices as modest as possible in order that as many persons as possible can enjoy excellent live jazz. We also offer complimentary tickets to all groups of chaperoned students and enable them to meet and speak with our musicians.


Achieving our goals has become even more challenging because of increases in the price of fuel that are encountered by our musicians in order to make the trip to Asheville. While our excellent venue, Diana Wortham Theatre does its best to keep our costs modest, they have had to increase the prices that we must pay.


Please consider making a donation that will help keep professional live jazz concerts a vital part of the cultural scene in Asheville. We are the only small city in the USA to enjoy a season series of world-class jazz. Your donation will be sincerely appreciated. 

Please email:  

WNC Jazz Society 

JAZZ SERIES 2010     

Diana Wortham Theatre 

 Downtown in Asheville, NC

Memberships for sale at all shows or see Membership Page to purchase immediately.